Karadjordjeva 27, 15000 Šabac
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About Us

What do we do?

Office Software Solutions d.o.o. from Šabac is engaged in the production of accounting applications, database applications, mobile applications, websites and various business programs, at the request of the user. Applications are developed in the Delphi environment using SQL relational databases. We also deal with the creation of a complete CMS and web shop.

Our history

Thanks to expertise and experience, for fifteen years of developing business applications, and above all, the ability to recognize and realize the expectations and wishes of our clients, trust has given us many great and respectable companies. From our long-standing clients we will name some: Sani Group Šabac, Star Market, Autocentar PETROVIĆ Volkswagen Diler, PWL FASHION COMPANY, King Tire doo, AKS Automotive doo Authorized Fiat diler and servicer AKS Tyres, Oftoline i Oftooptik Loznica, SANI OPTIK, Cineoptic Novi Sad and many others.

It’s everything you’ve been waiting for, and so much much more!

Bilans.biz je brend kompanije Office Software Solution doo iz Šapca koja se bavi izradom knjigovodstvenih aplikacija, database aplikacija i raznorodnih poslovnih programa po zahtevu korisnika. Aplikacije razvijamo u Delphi okruženju uz korišćenje SQL relacionih baza podataka.

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