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Improve your business with our software solutions and complete your tasks in a faster, easier, simpler, more innovative and reliable way. With Office Software Solutions, every problem is solvable.

Modern and contemporary software solution for small, medium and large enterprises.
PVC card printing
Improve your business with quality plastic PVC loyalty or gift cards.
We are a technical partner of PureGreen, a representative of Embarcader for Serbia.
Mobile App
From 2017 We started to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.
IT Support
Analysis, consultations and suggestions for the improvement of existing software.
Web design
We create modern websites that present your company with quality.
Solutions for all your accounting problems and situations.

Bilans.biz je brend kompanije Office Software Solution doo iz Šapca koja se bavi izradom knjigovodstvenih aplikacija, database aplikacija i raznorodnih poslovnih programa po zahtevu korisnika. Aplikacije razvijamo u Delphi okruženju uz korišćenje SQL relacionih baza podataka.

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